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I love podcasts. Like, really love them. I don't remember how I first learned about them--but I am grateful for that blessed day. I am constantly looking for any opportunity to tell my friends about various podcasts I listen to that I think will enhance their life, or even just make a drive to the grocery store entertaining! With my intense love for podcasts, It seemed like the perfect first thing to share about! So I bring you, my very first post...

Kenzi Creates... a list of podcasts worth checking out!

1. Coffee and Crumbs
(This one is about motherhood and so so so good. It is my very favorite podcast and I get so giddy when I see a new episode pop up on my podcasts app!)

2. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie
(You guysssss, this podcast is hysterical! It's all about pop culture, and I love that it is such a fun, and light listen! This is the only podcast I am a patreon supporter of--they are just that funny that I want all. the. content. I can get my ears on!)

3. The Home Hour
(About all things home, hosted by two best friends that are so darling!)

4. Marriage is Funny
(This one is hosted by a married couple and it is such an honest, funny, and ultimately positive take on marriage! Not sure that they are still making new episodes, but there are 4 or 5 seasons and it is sooo good. I wish I hadn't already found them so I could go binge all the seasons right now!)

5. The Perfect Wife
(The wife from Marriage is Funny is the host for this one and she has on different women each week. The idea behind this one is that there is no such thing as the perfect wife. A very small series, but really good.)

6. The Mom Hour
(About all things motherhood, from the perspective of two moms with kids from preschool-late teens)

7. Where should we begin
(It's a live recording from a one-time marriage counseling session and it is so fascinating!)

8. Extraordinary Mom's Podcast
(She's not my favorite host, but she interviews some really awesome women with a wide range of life circumstances. Definitely worth going through and picking the topics and women that stand out to you.)

9. Awesome with Alison
(Alison and her husband are super cute and funny to listen to! I love they way they interact on the podcast, but even more so I love the content they share. They are inspiring and uplifting.)

10. Power of Moms Radio
(Helpful ideas for deliberate mothers. I don't particularly jive with the podcast host--but I love the takeaways I get.)

11. Power of Families Radio
(I've only actually listened to one episode, but since it's a "sister show" of Power of Moms I feel pretty confident in recommending this one, too.)

12. Risen Motherhood
(These two sisters in law aren't of my exact same faith, but I enjoy their perspective on the gospel in everyday life.)

13. What Fresh Hell: laughing in the face of motherhood
(Not my favorite motherhood based podcast, but I'll listen to it if the topic applies to my life. I always enjoy the ones I choose to listen to.)

14. Moms Who Know
(Quick episodes with good insights)

15. Edit Your Life Show
(Covers a wide range of topics and I always leave with a good idea or takeaway.)

16. Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey
(Popular vlogger Casey Neistat and his wife just started a podcast, there are only two episode so far but if you like his vlogs I think you'd enjoy this!)

17. The Bible Binge
(Same hosts from The Popcast--they put a very funny and at times, slightly irreverent take on the Bible. I really enjoy this podcast because it makes me laugh and also helps me remember Bible stories a little easier!) 

18. The Purpose Show
(I just found this one, so I have only listened to a few episodes--but it seems to be about minimalism in motherhood and I am all here for that!)

These aren't even all the podcasts I am subscribed to! Just the ones I felt most confident in recommending. If you are looking for just a few to start with I would highly recommend Coffee and Crumbs, Marriage is Funny, and The Popcast!

Please share your favorites with me because I could never have too many!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kenzi


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