Let's be HAPPIER!


^^That's the way I have been feeling lately! Which is SO good to say because I have been so off lately. Pretty much since pregnancy with my second kid I haven't felt like my normal happy self. Yes of course there were times where I was still happy, but overall I just felt different and down and I didn't like feeling that way.

So I set out to create a happy attitude! I encouraged those watching my insta stories to join me in a week long pursuit of a happier disposition! What that looked like was everyday for a week writing down what you noticed that made you happier or that you felt grateful for!

There were two HUGE benefits I noticed from doing this practice: 1. I became more intentional with what I spent my day doing, because I analyzed everything I was doing to see if it would make it on my happy/grateful for list. So for example as I was watching Dancing with the Stars I thought, "Will this go on my happy list?" The answer was no so I stopped watching it and started reading a good book instead! It also helped me reframe the situation. So when I thought, "Does cleaning the kitchen make me happy?" The answer was "not really." But I knew the result would make me happy, so I kept cleaning but I also turned on a podcast to make it more enjoyable. And 2. The list gives me a fantastic blue print of what actually makes me feel happy! So now when I am feeling sad, frustrated, or just in a funk I can look to my list and add something instantly into my day that will make it better, such as dancing to fun music, staring at the pretty world, or reading a book!

I hope you did this challenge with me, and if you didn't PLEASE consider doing it this week! I promise it will make your week and overall disposition so much better!

Here is my list as a way to save my "happy blue print" and also so you can see that I didn't do anything too out there or unattainable. It wasn't like my list consisted of lounging on the beaches of Hawaii or having my personal chef bring me every meal in bed while my cleaning crew swept up behind her. These things are all very doable and if you create your own list I think you'll find your list to be simple yet full of joy as well!

cuddling with Tilli
my mountain view
my blue rug
making Tilli laugh
getting ready for the day
good breakfast
my house
scheduling plans with friends
getting out of the house
kids napping at the same time
reading a good book
taking a nap
Tilli safely crawling down the stairs (without me even knowing. eek)
painted nails
making my kids laugh
the kids making each other laugh
relaxing on the couch with lance after the kids are in bed

grocery shopping alone
driving alone and listening to a podcast
play dates with friends
being able to take medicine when in pain
living close to a grocery store
talking with Z about being able to choose our emotions
s'mores themed desserts
thought provoking talks with lance
strawberries and grapes in the same bite (my favorite snack right now)
cat naps
my husband
having a good-sized kitchen
Z liking the dessert I made
wearing a cute outfit
bbq parties
bright pink sweats
Z wanting to sleep with his quilt from his Meema

waking up rested!
the kitchen already having been cleaned the night prior
listening to a podcast while I cook
dancing to music while I get dinner in the crockpot
crockpot dinners
hearing of more books I'd like to check out from the library
Z eating a healthy breakfast
Z unknowingly singing a spice girls song (he ran after lance because he wanted a hug before he left for work but he kept saying "I wanna I wanna I wanna hug!")
play dates with friends
standing up for myself
working on bettering myself
working on kenzicreates
my pink laptop
Tilli drinking from the splash pad spouts
Florence + the machine
dinner and dessert with a friend
good conversations
vulnerable conversations

Tilli being giddy about waffles
pool parties with friends
rootbeer with a shot of vanilla
honest conversations with friends
my kids
my husband
leftovers for dinner
the kids laughing together
baking alone in the kitchen with a podcast on

Tilli babbling and giggling
having fun with my kids
talking to my sister
helping out family
seeing family

As you can see my lists got shorter because I got a little busy and stopped thinking to put everything on my notes app as it was happening. But I feel so much happier and so glad I spent the time creating this happy attitude! I hope you will too!



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