A Plan For The New Year!

I love a fresh start, and though I realize a fresh start can happen at 2 pm on a Tuesday in July, I can't deny the fact that I feel so capable of being the best me ever once a new year rolls around! This year I've decided instead of just resolving to be better with a list of things I want to do, I decided to take it a step further with a plan of how to enact those changes!

First up the classic resolution:

1. Be healthier!

My first plan to make this happen is to exercise 3-5 times a week. Normally I would start out and say I need to exercise at least 5 times a week, but I am being more realistic this year and giving myself some grace and a chance to warm up to this new change! I also have decided that even a walk on my treadmill is good enough! I also want to implement a new rule that I don't watch tv Monday-Friday unless I am working out while I do so. And there's no way I'll wait until the weekend to find out what happened on the bachelor, so treadmill on Tuesday here I come!

The second way I plan on being healthier is to plan out all my meals and snacks. I typically just meal plan for dinner and then buy basics for the other meals and snacks, but then when lunch comes around I am starving and without a plan I grab or making something unhealthy and quick! So now I plan out dinners for the week first and then the other meals accordingly. For example on Sunday we are having French dip sandwiches for dinner, which is a lot of meat and bread, so to balance it I will have a salad for lunch! And then I'll think through healthy snack ideas (string cheese, fruit, oatmeal energy balls, etc). It doesn't really matter a ton to me if I make the exact meal in the exact day and time specified, but it helps me to plan out a list of healthier options and then when meal time comes around I can choose to make whatever sounds best instead of opting for a bowl of cereal.

2. Be more organized!

The first way I am doing this is by using a simplified daily planner! It has the day mapped out hourly, which will be so nice to give space to the things I want to get done each day, as well as be more realistic in what can get accomplished in a day because once those time slots are filled it shows me I just can't feasibly commit to anything else!

Another way I am going to be more organized is by first decluttering! I love decluttering and I found a free month long decluttering challenge starting on January 1st! Click HERE if you want in on all the free fun! I figure the less stuff I own, the less stuff I have to worry about keeping organized! I also feel insanely weighed down by stuff. My favorite book on decluttering is called The Joy of Less, if you want a good book to check out from your library!

3. Be more productive

This goes back to that idea of only watching tv on the weekend because tv eats up a lot of my free time. I also plan to utilize the evening to set me up for the morning. So each night after dinner I will throw laundry in the washing machine but I won't start it. Then in the morning I can simply throw in the detergent and start the machine and I'll have a load going before I even sit down for breakfast!
I also want to wake up at the same time each morning, and before my kids wake up so I can either exercise or spend time doing something I love. I always feel so much better when I start the day off by myself as opposed to waking up to a crying toddler or a kid who wants me to "get up and playyyy!"

4. Focus on myself

I am going to sit down with my husband at the beginning of each month and schedule (in my trusty planner, of course) when I will be able to get out of the house on my own for a Kenzi Date! I am such an introvert and love this time alone to do whatever I want!
I am also working on more girls nights and another girls trip for the new year because I also love adult conversation that doesn't get interrupted by kids!
And lastly I am going to schedule in my planner (so I don't forget) simple little self care practices at least once a week so I am making sure I am taken care of and feeling energized and pampered. And these weekly things will be really small and doable, like Saturday: wind down with a face mask. Or Wednesday: paint nails and listen to a podcast at night. Very simple, but things that I will love and will help me to feel more energized!

Okay, I could go on and on about things I want to focus on, but these are the areas I am most jazzed about for the new year and I want to keep the list short enough to be attainable, and as these 4 become routine and engrained in my life then I will add new ones!

I hope you have been enjoying your holiday season, and getting ready for your best year yet!



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